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leaders of tomorrow

The Leaders of Tomorrow Award is a volunteer recognition program which enables community organizations and individuals to publicly recognize the contributions of children and youth. The purpose of the Leaders of Tomorrow Award Program is to encourage the nominees to continue their involvement in volunteerism and leadership activities, as well as acknowledge that all voluntary contributions are valuable to the community.

The City of Wetaskiwin, through Family and Community Support Services (FCSS), is proud to be a supporter and sponsor of the Wetaskiwin and Area Leaders of Tomorrow Awards since the commencement of the program in 1995. FCSS believes that volunteerism is the heart of our community and wholeheartedly supports the recognition of our young volunteers.

Grow the f!@# up

Individuals are starting to move on later in life, and moving out of their parents home at a later age. Unfortunately, and through no fault of their own, some of these individuals have never been taught the personal and/or professional skills needed to function and thrive as an adult.

Weekly sessions will focus on different topics necessary to be a fully functioning adult in the real world: budgeting, paying off debt, car care, meal prep, home hacks, etc. 

Program launches in March - stay tuned for details.

Image by Jeswin Thomas