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Did you know: “only 20% of us regularly interact with people who live nearby, and more than 30% don't know any neighbors at all. This disconnection can be critical when we need to support each other during natural disasters, blackouts or other challenges.”,work%20together%20to%20solve%20problems

we're bringing the party to you!


We're going to park up in different neighborhoods throughout the summer and create a space for you to get to Know someone new,

Foster a new-found sense of community,

And have some fun!

We'll haul out our trailer, big ol' BBQ, inflatable movie screen, and yard games - and we'll spend the evening together getting to know one another, having good food and great conversations.

These events are completely FREE for you and your families, so grab a lawn chair and come hang out!


JUNE 2, Official Launch @ Jubilee Park  |  50 Ave & 54 Street

JUNE 23 @ Ben George Park  |  46 Street & 45 Ave

JULY 14 @ Brewer park  |  55 Street & 39 Ave 

JULY 28 @ Peace Hills Cairn  |  Centennial Drive & Highway 2A

AUGUST 11 @Montgomery Park  |  Centennial Drive & 53 Ave --> POSTPONED

AUGUST 25 @ Lynn Alta Park  |  37 Ave & 54 Street (Back Lane)

** all block parties start at 6 PM ** 


see you there!

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