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Image by Chandler Cruttenden

snow angels


Well, winter is here, which means we have months of snow - and snow shovelling - to look forward to. For older adults and those with disabilities and mobility issues, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to keep up all winter long. 


Snow shovelling services are expensive, and are often busy in town with limited availability. With this community driven initiative, we hope to connect neighbors and their neighborhood, and create a stronger and safer community. We know that the community of Wetaskiwin will rise to the occasion, and help their neighbors in need. 


Individuals who require assistance shovelling their driveway and sidewalks will hang a poster in their window.

This poster can be found below and printed at home, or come to the FCSS Office to pick one up. 

When it snows, Snow Angel community members will look for a sign and volunteer their time shovelling snow for fellow Wetaskiwin residents who need help. 

Volunteers - we ask that you use your own snow shovel. If you do not have a shovel, please contact us and we'll arrange something. 


Because this is a community driven initiative, we’re counting on you to help! We envision a community that looks out for one another, and this is just one way of doing so.


In addition, we encourage Snow Angels to knock on the door of the individual, give them a quick wave, and make sure they’re doing okay. 

** Additional Incentive: swing by the FCSS Office (or print your own) Snow Angels "Punch Card". When you shovel a neighbors driveway, knock on their door to check in, and get them to initial your card. Every time you shovel five driveways, bring your punch card to the FCSS Office - we'll give you a small token of appreciation, AND you'll be entered into the Grand Prize Draw for a massive gift pack worth over $300! 

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