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Our staff is made up of a dedicated group of professionals who are committed to helping the community and the citizens within.


We want to hear from you! If you have any questions, ideas, or just need a place to start please feel free to contact our office and we would be pleased to help.

If you are lucky you can catch us in the office,

otherwise keep your eyes open for the team out effecting change in our community.

Emily staff photo.PNG

Interim Managing Director

Emily Thompson

Emily has experience in the human services field and is always looking to make a difference. Her passion and drive for helping those in our community makes her an excellent addition to the FCSS team, and we can't wait to see what she has in store as Interim Managing Director.

780-312-7533 ext. 101

direct: 780-312-7486


Community Supports Coordinator

Cheyenne Morrison

Cheyenne is definitely no stranger to Wetaskiwin. Her energy and commitment to supporting this community makes her an incredible addition to our team and we couldn't be happier with her being part of the FCSS family.


Community Resource Navigator

Cindy Plant

A longtime resident of Wetaskiwin, Cindy is engaged and up to date on all things Wetaskiwin. Constantly on the move and developing new ideas, Cindy is an integral part of the  Wetaskiwin FCSS team.

780-312-7533 ext. 103

direct: 780-361-9572

We are hiring! Managing director

wetaskiwin fcss governing board

Our organization is overseen by a body of volunteers that are responsible for helping to establish policies, to make significant and strategic decisions, and to oversee the organization's activity. Our board consists of the following individuals:

Wendy Hoyle, Chair 

Gail Hansen, Treasurer

Jamie Park-Nelson, Secretary

Wayne Neilson, City Council Representative

Gabrielle Blatz, City Council Representative

Kat MacCallum

Leanne Axelsen

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